Desktop PC Services

PCDEBUG carry out a full range of Desktop PC services, from new system setup, data transfer from an old to a new computer, routine servicing, hardware upgrades, disaster recovery of data, malware and virus removal and protection. We can also carry out one to one training remotely

Virtual Remote Support is available WORLDWIDE

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Collect & Return : Home & Office visits

If your desktop computer is running slow, is noisy or if you suspect you have a malware or virus infection, we can arrange to collect & return from your home or office or if your computer is online we are able to diagnose and carry out most of the repair procedures remotely

Desktop Routine Service

We usually carry out a routine service on your Desktop PC  by Collect & Return. This is because a full  service usually takes around 5+ Hours.   Your Desktop PC will be scanned for Virus and Malware infections,  windows updates will be checked, and we will  check the  hard drive for disk errors and corrupt system files

A full service also includes a deep clean to ensure all fans are working and the computer has no component failures

We can also offer a hybrid service where we visit you at your home or office for the physical clean then complete the service remotely
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Hard Drive Upgrades

If your hard drive is low on space, or has problems  we can offer you a few options depending on your computer case.

Clone & replace your hard drive with a bigger capacity drive, install a second hard drive to store your data on or if you a looking for a boost in performance we would recommend upgrading your existing hard drive  to a solid state hard drive (SSD).  We can offer you a free remote support session to talk  you through your options

A symptom of a hard drive failure would be you computer rebooting  or receiving a "performing an automatic repair"  "Windows detected a hard drive problem"  messages frequently
Random Access memory chips

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

The more memory (RAM) you have installed the faster your computer will perform. More RAM can also help your computer to be more responsive if you run multiple applications at once

The maximum amount of RAM you can install is determined by your motherboard  and the operating system.

We can connect remotely to advise on how much RAM  your system can support and provide a quote to upgrade
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System setups & Software Issues

Error messages when you run programs.  program not responding messages, email setup issues, password recovrey

There are  many software and program issues we can help with.  most can be resolved  using our remote support service without a home or office visit required

A clean install restoring your PC to factory condition would normally be carried out using our collect & return service.

A new system setup however would require our  Home or Office or Hybrid service
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Malware & Virus remote checkup

Most computer malware infections can be be cleared using our virtual remote service

If an initial scan indicates a heavy malware or a virus infection our usual advice would be to arrange a collect and return service, as we can do deeper scans using offline tools  to carry out a virus removal procedure
backup infograph

System and Data backup

Do need your backup system setup or checked?  We can configure your documents, pictures and other important files to be backed up and synchronised to your External USB or Network drive (NAS) Drive, or in the cloud to your Google Drive or Microsoft One drive.

We advise all Windows PC users to create a disk image backup to your external drive, to recover your operating system should your hard drive fail
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Desktop Computer not powering  on ?

A dead computer, that will not power up usually indicates a Power Supply (PSU), Motherboard or Central processor Unit (CPU) failure. All is not lost and the computer is normally repairable,  For this type of problem we would normally need to visit you to confirm the issue

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Power Supply Failure

Symptoms can include PC will not turn on, random crashing sometimes with blue  screen messages, random restarts, new or louder case noise, case fan spins but computer does not

A power supply unit is  normally easy to replace,

Motherboard / CPU Failure

Symptoms can include:  having to Make several attempts to turn on,  Computer freezes,  Blue screen of death,  error codes  or system error beeps

Motherboards/CPU'scan be replaced, but every diagnosis is different